Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the new "us"

Anyone remember that "Seinfeld" episode where George confessed his love of velvet by admitting that, if it were socially acceptable, he'd be "draped in velvet"? Yeah, as an analogy this might seem a little goofy, but it totally speaks to how much we love the photography of alice b. gardens here at "Hiving Out" - if we could we'd cover the blog with it (and kinda already have by posting her images here and here).

So, in a desire to spring clean the blog and change out our "Mad Men" avatars, we are so pleased that the talented photographer is letting us use her "Ladies who Lunch" to represent us. Though we're still figuring out who is who (though both Mae and I agree that the lady on the right is Lorelei even if we can't articulate exactly why that is...) - we are thrilled with the image and how fancy and pretty it makes the blog look So thanks again, Elle, we are truly smitten with your work!

{Below are also some of my favorite images from alice b. gardens, but you've also got to check out her other two beautiful etsy shops ( and as well as her genius "music meets image" blog,, which is just one of my absolute favorites.}

P.S. I love that in this last picture there is a volume of Dorthy Parker's work because it's also a good way to to remind you about our blogiversary giveaway....

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  1. always love seeing cups like this...
    adds an air of expectancy! interesting angle for this photographer.



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