Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday, an "-est -end," and Etsy

Back in 6th grade I had a best friend. Melissa. We didn't last too long (it's a long and complicated and heart-wrenching story about friendship torn apart due to diverging musical tastes - she was all about the hair metal band "Winger" while I still couldn't get enough of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"), but the friendship was true. How am I so sure? We had the broken heart "best friend" necklaces for, like, a week before we (well, actually, before she) called it quits. Melissa went on to have other broken charms with other bffs while I was left with (and still have) my half, my "-est -end."

Well, since I am now my mid-30s, I think it's time to pick up the pieces and find a new best friend. And thank goodness that etsy has plenty of modern and classic charms for me to bring to the bff table...

First, for the really cool girl with actual good taste in music way out of my league (and maybe if she's really into whales too):

For the person who'll be my best friend for the sake of the beauty of the necklace alone:

For me and Lorelei. Or me and Mae. (But most likely for Lorelei and Mae. Le sigh):

For my sister because it'd totally win points with my mother (plus my sister would love this necklace anyway for the bow alone!):

For a best friend who prefers bracelets and wings to necklaces and hearts:

For a bevy of best friends so I give these out candy - like I heard kids used to do back in the heyday of friendship pins (or maybe just the one friend who'd love this necklace's nod to nostalgia):

For the boyfriend (or maybe just to show Melissa how badass I actually am now):

For my cat because hello? she is my best friend:

For me 'cause why not? With this charm, I can now be my own best friend - even if the combined spelling of this "be- frie-" and my "-est -end" results in being "beest frieends" with myself....


  1. oh those are so sweet and totally bring back memories.
    i remember having one as well in junior high, and then tragically it fell down the drain when i went to put it on one day...sigh

  2. Oh my gosh! I am in love with those whales!!!

  3. I had one too! Also from a friendship that ended tragically. This, by the way, is one of my favorite Thursday and Etsy posts ever!

  4. hi i love balie watson:)



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