Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I am a big fan of Netflix. I got the subscription from a friend after I had my first baby (best gift for a new mom ever!) and our schedule was still nuts- nothing like having the movie you just missed in the theater or an old, obscure, favorite television series at your fingertips for a 2 a.m. feeding.

Recently I re-discovered season 1 of Felicity and have been remembering how much I liked it. Oh, and I am completely aware that half of the people reading this would roll their eyes at that, but I can't deny it. Before J.J. Abrams was all about Lost or Alias, he was responsible for this young adult dramedy, so it is better than your average teen television program.

Just a few things that make season 1 worth a watch...

*There is something totally relatable about Keri Russell's portrayal of Felicity. She is awkward and unsure and every emotion registers right there on her face. Being a freshman in college is all sorts of exciting, terrifying, empowering and she pegs it.
*Just enough humor to balance out the melodrama.
*Watching the show now I just can not get enough of that 90's fashion- mini butterfly clips anyone?
*Noel Crane... my number one television character crush. I don't know about you, but there were no super dreamy, responsible, sincere, graphic artist resident advisors at my college. Swoon.
*The writers unabashed affection for the greeting "hey". Sometimes it appears close to two dozen times in a single episode....but I guess if I went back to a day in college, I might be astounded by the sheer volume of "hey"s.

I suppose I am so fond of the show because it is great escapism. Sometimes there is nothing like some college drama to distract and entertain!


  1. Oh not to worry - You're not alone. I'm an unashamed Felicity FANATIC. I miss Keri Russel sometimes...

  2. LOVE netflix. just rented Young Victoria. LOVED it. love her. who is she? who is that gorgeous albert?! been gone from my blog for sooo long. thanks for that note I just read today!! asking my whereabouts. I needed a BIG break from lots of things. being a mom and student and volunteer and blogger and wife....you know. too much. so good to be back on your site.



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