Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's black and white and striped all over?

illustration by "it looks good to me"

It's the one thing I am lusting after for my summer wardrobe this year... a black and white striped dress in the style of any these old Hollywood classics...

I love this image of Jean Seberg from the French classic film "Breathless":

But doesn't this "Sahara Striped Dress" read like a stripey dress for the modern pixie?

I've long been in love with the cowl neck on Marilyn's sweet little summer dress:

And I like how this little number by marimekko is playing with the collar on its striped dress so nicely too:

Oh, Lauren you just might be the coolest lady in town in your striped dress and your record player:

And if this ModCloth dress gave me an ounce of your elegance - I'd wear it 'til it was in tatters:

Of course, I am willing to compromise. I would be willing to add a striped dress into my summer wardrobe in something other than black and white. I mean, I can bite the bullet and go for blue and white stripes too as in, I don't know, this super cute dress if someone forced it on me...


  1. i just can't decide which one of these images makes me the happiest. is it the top one? maybe marilyn? or, perhaps THE MARIMEKKO?!!



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