Friday, April 2, 2010

something really worth sharing

I'm not going to deny it -- I love beautiful things and I'm greedy for them too. And there are so many lovely blogs belonging to designers, photographers, crafters, and plenty of non-professional folk who just have amazing taste that feed me beauty on a daily basis. I thought that was why I loved blogging and the blog-world - its such a great place to share, collect, and inspire each other with the things we find and revel in. However, as I was late to discover, I also love being part of this very strange and very modern place because of how it actually embraces a more traditional sense of community as one can also find beauty in how people participate and share in each others' lives even though most of us are, in a sense, unknown to each other in person.

Just this week Jane of Ill Seen, Ill said wrote a very honest and touching post in which she shared with her readers the difficult time she is going through in her real life. It's so incredibly true and brave and something you don't always find in what Jane rightfully calls "our perpetually sunshiny corner of the blogsphere." Now, don't get me wrong - I love the shiny. A lot. But it's not the only quality that makes a blog a "go to" blog for me. It also has to be unique and funny and have a genuine personality that makes it okay to not always be shiny - a blog you want to be friends with and not one like a frienemy who's on uppers all the time at the mall...

Anyway, I just wanted to applaud Jane for sharing (as well as her readers and their thoughtful and supportive comments) and for making our blogsphere a place I like being in. (Oh, and did I forget to mention that Jane also has amazing taste in just about everything? Cause she totally does.)

Have a nice weekend!

{P.S. I found the image here, but wish I knew who actually took it because I think it's so darn beautiful and perfect so, if you know - let me know. Thx!}

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  1. Hi Vivi!

    Thanks for your post. I'm still reeling from the response I got. It's been overwhelming.

    And I agree completely with you. The shine is great. It's lovely and what we all strive for. But it's not everything. And you can have all the shine and still feel empty. I think we all know this.

    And I think it's why it's sometimes difficult to love the clothes, the decor etc. Because it's perceived as being shallow. I don't at all think it's shallow... I think it's one piece of creating a beautiful, personal life. But there are other pieces too.

    Thank you for your lovely response.




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