Thursday, April 15, 2010

The prettiest stationary I've ever seen... at Rifle Paper Company.

Anna Bond is the artist/illustrator behind these gorgeous products (and a gorgeous blog). And I want it all.

Especially the customized calling cards.

And the greeting cards.

And these recipe cards. Definitely need them.

And Anna Bond's customized wedding invites and save the dates and wedding programs make me want to get married again (to the same guy! The same guy!).

So really. Which one (minus the wedding stuff) should I break down and buy?

{All images courtesy of Rifle Paper Co. and Anna Bond}


  1. I say get the greeting cards so you'll be forced to give me one eventually...

  2. LOVE her work. It's all so stunning. hope to snag the recipe cards soon.

  3. It would be awesome if you got calling cards....even more awesome if the illustrated you wore the neckerchief and had a pipe like the Paul Simth version :)



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