Wednesday, September 30, 2009

paper home

Just stumbled on this art project by a Brazilian artist named Viviane Hack. I can't read Portuguese, but the loveliness of this paper room (I love the touches of orange) needs no translation...
images via her blog: A Linha & O Papel

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

catalog of (card) catalogs

via JanelleGrace
There are not too many pieces of furniture that are musts for me. I like a lot of different things, but I've long desired two specific pieces of furniture. First, I've always wanted a worn, brown leather old man chair. The boyfriend, it turns out, had been keeping his grandfather's old leather chair hidden in his junk room - completely unaware of its perfection nor my lust for it. It is now "visiting" my apartment and gives me yet another reason to hold on to the bf.

The second piece of furniture that I've always wanted is a card catalog. The beat-up quality of the wood, the little drawers perfect for compulsive organizers - yes, I know it is considered hipster decor and not entirely practical (how many drawers do you need for buttons?), but, boy, do I love the look.

via bitsandbobbins

via ooh food

via urbanroutine

Monday, September 28, 2009


A few more days until October and I have pumpkins on the brain. I love having carved pumpkins on the front porch before it gets too cold and the frost does them in , so that means pretty early on I need to start thinking about what sort of jack-o-lantern I'm going to create. This year I have an easily spooked toddler to consider and I imagine we will be going the happy, smiley route- that is more my style anyhow. These examples were seeming simple and cheery (even the mouse house pumpkin is fun).
If I thought I could pull it off (and it wouldn't terrify my three-year-old), it would be a major artistic challenge to try something like this- but what a cool result.
I also like the idea of stacking pumpkins and gourds. A tower of Halloween greetings for any style....
When the carving goes beyond goofy or scary faces it can result in really beautiful seasonal decoration- the second set of carved pumpkins are truly elegant.
Finally, how could anyone resist something like this sitting on the front porch?

{All images courtesy of Google images}

To get you started on your own jack-0-lantern, howstuffworks has a comprehensive pumpkin carving tutorial- everything from the very basic to the extremely ambitious.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Camera Crazy

In October 2007, I started reading my first blog and after a few entries, I was hooked. Camera Crazy is the blog of a friend of mine, Gail Peck. She dubs herself a fledgling photographer (the journey started almost 3 Christmases ago when her husband gave her a camera) and I have been reading along as she hones her craft and shares her art.

It is especially interesting to be privy to an artist's process. I so enjoy reading about what it takes to get the shot she is happy with and how she comes across her very varied subject matter. In addition, Gail writes about her photography business and the up and downs of turning your passion into a career. Of course, I also love that her blog is filled with words of wisdom that go beyond photography and I'm always taking note!

I wish I possessed the vocabulary to truly discuss photography. It would be wonderful to pay my compliments properly, but I'll have to muddle through using layman's terms. When I see Gail's work, I'm always moved, intrigued, or impressed... very often, all three. There is something about how she can capture a moment or angle, how she grasps the fleeting- always uncovering the beauty.

Gail once wrote she is striving to make the ordinary extraordinary- I would say, mission accomplished. Here are just some of her incredible images....

Morning Has Broken


Mr. Baxter

Field of Joy



Color Fest

Ain't No Sunshine

35 Years Together

I suggest making a stop by Camera Crazy whenever you are in the mood for stunning photography. Gail never disappoints.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, a sewing room, and Etsy

"vintage spools photograph" by whiteowlpictures

Oh sewing room! Mae should be the one to decorate and put you in order. She know your wants and desires. She actually needs you (and you need her major sewing skills). But I am stealing you away from her because you, sewing room, are a good excuse to go color wild and I am, indeed, wild about color....

A vintage sewing machine is a must. Especially this bright and blue (and working!) one via SeeChangeDesign:

Prettier than a rainbow - a sewing room deserves such a collection of thread thanks to avantgarage:

This isn't just a Monopoly game piece, you know (vintage thimble via CLUTTEREDMIND):

Dress forms can be a little pricey, but not these sweet mini ones for your best dressed dolls found by littlepinkstudio:

A classic and pretty pin cushion could keep the lady forms company especially this lovely one via NADELWERK:

Yes, these would be great in frames, but these dresses are classic patterns that I would love to wear. Lots more via sacratomato's etsy shop:

Vintage buttons belong in my fantasy sewing room especially ones as pretty (and beautifully displayed) as those by elizabethwrenvintage:

As if all the pretty necessities of a sewing room were not enough, it would be such a luxury to have this vintage Victorian sewing basket to display (with fun "back story" to boot) via millinerymiss:

I so love this print by farouche. It's a good reminder in and out of the sewing room:

Oh, and as a final touch - this lovely photograph by Emmalynne. You're welcome, imaginary sewing room!


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