Friday, September 25, 2009

Camera Crazy

In October 2007, I started reading my first blog and after a few entries, I was hooked. Camera Crazy is the blog of a friend of mine, Gail Peck. She dubs herself a fledgling photographer (the journey started almost 3 Christmases ago when her husband gave her a camera) and I have been reading along as she hones her craft and shares her art.

It is especially interesting to be privy to an artist's process. I so enjoy reading about what it takes to get the shot she is happy with and how she comes across her very varied subject matter. In addition, Gail writes about her photography business and the up and downs of turning your passion into a career. Of course, I also love that her blog is filled with words of wisdom that go beyond photography and I'm always taking note!

I wish I possessed the vocabulary to truly discuss photography. It would be wonderful to pay my compliments properly, but I'll have to muddle through using layman's terms. When I see Gail's work, I'm always moved, intrigued, or impressed... very often, all three. There is something about how she can capture a moment or angle, how she grasps the fleeting- always uncovering the beauty.

Gail once wrote she is striving to make the ordinary extraordinary- I would say, mission accomplished. Here are just some of her incredible images....

Morning Has Broken


Mr. Baxter

Field of Joy



Color Fest

Ain't No Sunshine

35 Years Together

I suggest making a stop by Camera Crazy whenever you are in the mood for stunning photography. Gail never disappoints.


  1. You are such a sweetheart--thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Originally the blog was meant to detail my life as a 52 year old college student, in addition to my health struggles. I never imagined three years later I'd be describing my life as a fledgling photographer!

  2. These are beautiful! I'd love to meet Mr. Baxter! Such a sweet face...

  3. I love reading Camera Crazy too! She truly writes from the heart and you can't help but feel an instant connection. I love the photographs you chose to feature.... especially "Delicacy" and "ColorFest"...I may need to order a few more canvases for my walls!

  4. I'm so impressed that she's only been taking pixs for 3 years and is self taught. So impressive and encouraging!


  5. Thanks for calling attention to this artist's work. I think "Becoming" and "Oxymoron" are my favorites.

  6. Gorgeous work! I love her flower shots, especially "Becoming" and "Delicate."



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