Tuesday, September 29, 2009

catalog of (card) catalogs

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There are not too many pieces of furniture that are musts for me. I like a lot of different things, but I've long desired two specific pieces of furniture. First, I've always wanted a worn, brown leather old man chair. The boyfriend, it turns out, had been keeping his grandfather's old leather chair hidden in his junk room - completely unaware of its perfection nor my lust for it. It is now "visiting" my apartment and gives me yet another reason to hold on to the bf.

The second piece of furniture that I've always wanted is a card catalog. The beat-up quality of the wood, the little drawers perfect for compulsive organizers - yes, I know it is considered hipster decor and not entirely practical (how many drawers do you need for buttons?), but, boy, do I love the look.

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  1. LOVE this round up! I don't know how you found so many, but each and every image is perfection. Thanks also for the link love!

  2. Yes, I agree, great round up! I think I may have to get a card catalog the next time I try to redecorate...

  3. What a FABULOUS collection of images, wow. My sister found a set of these by the side of the road, so jealous!! x



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