Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday, a sun room, and Etsy

In an apartment we once rented there was a great little sun porch. I'm ashamed to say that we used it for storage mostly, but if I could do it over again- I would want it to look something like this...

A pair of chairs (because then we were only a pair) and a couple of snazzy ottomans.

Cloudy Afternoon Floor Cushion courtesy of BranchandBirdie

Pillows to make it cozy and pretty...

An end table and lamp and coffee table for color and light and a place to put everything.

Hammock coffee table courtesy HarBenger 2

Art for the walls without the windows-

Lemon Zest courtesy of theCommonGazelle

pale grey modern colonial wall clock by uncommon

And all the beautiful little details that make it yours.....

Lacy Bird Bowls courtesy of PrinceDesignUK

Vintage Wallpaper sketchbooks courtesy of paperama

Pair of owl bud vases courtesy of laurawallstaylor

dancing oranges letterpress coasters courtesy of 12fifteen

Bone votive courtesy of sarapaloma

The sun room that could have much better than simply storage.


  1. What a lovely collection of things. I think your fantasy sun porch is really gorgeous!!!!...just let me know if you ever need that lamp!!!:)

  2. The Hannah Nunn lamp is so gorgeous – I blogged about her work recently too!

  3. Beautiful selections...if only I didn't have naughty, shedding, devil dogs I could live in such nicer surroundings... sigh....

  4. My goodness, each item was wonderful. I love those little birdie things! Thanks for sharing this lovely vision.



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