Monday, September 28, 2009


A few more days until October and I have pumpkins on the brain. I love having carved pumpkins on the front porch before it gets too cold and the frost does them in , so that means pretty early on I need to start thinking about what sort of jack-o-lantern I'm going to create. This year I have an easily spooked toddler to consider and I imagine we will be going the happy, smiley route- that is more my style anyhow. These examples were seeming simple and cheery (even the mouse house pumpkin is fun).
If I thought I could pull it off (and it wouldn't terrify my three-year-old), it would be a major artistic challenge to try something like this- but what a cool result.
I also like the idea of stacking pumpkins and gourds. A tower of Halloween greetings for any style....
When the carving goes beyond goofy or scary faces it can result in really beautiful seasonal decoration- the second set of carved pumpkins are truly elegant.
Finally, how could anyone resist something like this sitting on the front porch?

{All images courtesy of Google images}

To get you started on your own jack-0-lantern, howstuffworks has a comprehensive pumpkin carving tutorial- everything from the very basic to the extremely ambitious.


  1. These are some very talented pumpkin carvers!

  2. Truly fantastic and creative.

  3. These pumpkin decors and carvings are truly amazing! Very creative and artistic, I commend those artists...

    Happy Halloween!
    - Christine
    Pumpkin Carving Ideas

  4. These are wonderful selections of pumpkin carvings! I also have a pinterest board featuring pumpkin carving ideas and designs that you may want to check out. I'd love to include some of yours if you won't mind. Cheers!

    All the best,
    Anne Walker



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