Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eloise Wilkin

I have been thinking about Eloise Wilkin ever since Vivi posted about Janusz Grabianski and his illustrations. Ms. Wilkin's art for Little Golden Books are some of the first images I remember looking at in the books in my playroom. When I see them now, I feel five years old and I am still fascinated by those drawings.

There is a warmth and peacefulness in her portrayal of children (even if their faces are a bit like cherubic cartoons at times) that brings comfort to the reader. While looking over images of her work on the computer, I came across this book.

This title was not in my library growing up, but I would love to get it now. There is something so perfect about the way Wilkin has depicted the child's look and reach.
Though her art may be considered dated in that the fashion, furnishings in the home, and even some of the scenarios are obviously from another time, there are few who can capture the wonderment, determination, and pure sweetness of children as Wilkin did. She drew childhood.

Here are just a few of her covers and pages......

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  1. these are adorable


  2. So sweet...I remember those books too from growing up.

  3. I LOVE her work!! I can't get over that Christmas book. Makes me kind of long for Christmas. She captures the innocence of a child so perfectly, so tenderly. great post.

  4. I did and do have that Baby's First Christmas book, and it is wonderful. And I have a recently published anthology of her Little Golden Books that a (very thoughtful) friend gave my children. It's my 2 year old's favorite book hands down.

  5. i am a HUGE fan of Eloise Wilkin, too, and I agree, Lorelei, some of my strongest childhood book memories are Little Golden Books with her illustrations. We Help Daddy is one of my favorites, and you've included an image from that book here in this post -- the little girl helping to wash the car. Thank you for reminding me.....!

  6. I had forgotten, but those were some great illustrations! Some of my favorite childhood memories of those books... 'We help mommy' and "We like Kindergarten' were so great. I can remember just studying those illustrations as a kid. Thanks for the post!

  7. This posting just made my day! I used to read "Baby's Christmas" at my grandmother's as a child and could picture the illustration, but could not figure out what the book was. I looked FOREVER until finding it on your post and now I can sleep easy!



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