Tuesday, September 15, 2009


After finding out that four of my friends were expecting babies in the coming winter, I decided that this quartet of newborns will be receiving booties from me to welcome them into the snowy world. I love a baby in booties. Even if booties do tend to fall off and you spend half of an hour on the hunt for one and sometimes they are more chew toy than footwear, but they are always adorable.

I like to think that a pair of baby shoes is more than just an accessory. One summer ago, when my daughter was born, my mother gave me the pair of baby slippers that I wore home from the hospital. They were almost too small for my little girl and the white satin was slightly discolored from age, but I loved that she could wear them- even if it was just once. Now they sit in the perfect spot on a shelf in her nursery and when she moves into her big girl room, I will pack the booties up and save them for her.

While on the hunt for the perfect baby shoes I found there really is a booty for everybody....

Yellow Honey Bunny Cloth Baby Shoes image via starlightsound

Audrey Baby shoes/Booties/Slippers image via sugarplumbtree

Oop-Violet-Wool Felt Baby Shoes image via LaLaShoes


  1. adorable- the the top shot

  2. I LOVE the green booties. Such a cute post. perfect gift!!



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