Wednesday, September 23, 2009


studiotuesday is an Etsy shop that has a cool selection of watercolor works. I am a big fan of the medium, so I tend to browse the shops of watercolor artists. One of the many things I like about studiotuesday is that there is a variety of pieces- some, as they noted, are like pages of a Naturalist's sketchbook or object studies-

Shells and Sea glass

Fishing Bobbers

5 Acorns

And then there is a great series of whimsical, beautiful whale prints that I love for a child's room or playroom. Here are a few from the set-

Whale Series- Spouts

Whale Series- Hot Air Balloon Festival

Whale Series- Tails

Whale Series- Lighthouse print

One shop that really illustrates the range in watercolor artistry- definitely worth a peek!


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  2. yes, the acorns are my favorite too!! I also love the hot air balloons. what perfect finds.



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