Friday, April 30, 2010

In my continuing quest to become a green thumb I have been disappointed with the result of my bulb planting and seed sowing time and again. Someday I will have the type of garden I envy and dream about, but for now my only botanical/floral success has been in the form of window boxes. I have two on the shed out back and am proud to say they looked just lovely throughout last year. In the midst of all the failed flower beds and herb gardens, those window boxes flourished and made me so proud.

If there are any fledgling gardeners out there or folks who are intimidated by the thought of planting at all, I definitely recommend container gardening. Window boxes will never let you down. Here is a simple guide to planting a window box garden provided by to get you started- you will thank me later!

1 comment:

  1. container gardens appear managable. I too wish I had a green thumb. One day! For now, my weeds mock me and my children crush the only living flowers with their tiny shoes.



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