Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"This is Not a Polo Shirt"

Of course "Band of Outsiders" is nodding to Magritte's famous work, "This is not a pipe," in the naming of their line of polo shirts for men, but I think their best selling strategy is to continue to post to their website classic and fun images of polo shirts in action:

(Please note that I've taken liberties in the naming of these images because, well, because I guess I can).

The 40s Dancing Polo:

The 80s Painting Polo:

The Angry Man's Polo:

The Angsty Boy's Polo:

The Blue Jeaned Dad Polo:

The Blue Blooded Dad Polo:

The Over-Grown Kid Polo (with ironic half popped collar):

The Under-Grown Kid Polo (with earnest fully popped collar):

{all images found on "This is not a polo shirt"}

P.S. For those of you with wicked crushes on Jason Schwartzman (I'm looking at you, Bootsie!) - how cute are these images of the actor on the "Band of Outsiders" regular website?


  1. Morrissey! Adolescent swoon.

  2. Oh...so dreamy and "detective-y" in his little trench :)



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