Sunday, April 18, 2010

birdie commercial

The boyfriend has been trying for a while to get on Hiving Out. He sends me links, shows me pictures he's stumbled upon, suggests topics (he's really stuck on vintage corduroy for some reason), but to no avail. It seemed as if our taste was just too nuanced and sophisticated for him to achieve this lofty goal. Well, good news! The man has finally gotten it! So, with great pleasure, I'm finally posting one of his recommendations - this cute little commercial. Enjoy it and know that it represents such a proud day in our little household!! :)


  1. first off, the fact that the boyfriend sends you anything at all in attempt to have it put on the blog is
    second, i have to admit i'm jealous of that birdie's pad.

  2. That boyfriend is a keeper- good find!

  3. Good job boyfriend! Maybe you can pick up some of my slack on the posting front!

  4. I love that commerical!! I wonder how on earth they got the bird to do all that?? Clearly that bird is a professional and must get paid big bucks (or plenty of premium bird seed).

    also, it was a bit depressing that the bird lives in more stylish digs than me :(



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