Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, a boudoir, and Etsy

It is that time again and my turn to conjure a room using only Etsy and imagination. So I read that the word "boudoir" comes from the French verb, bouder- to sulk. It was considered not only a lady's private room, but quite literally, "a place to sulk in". I do all my sulking right out in the open, but if I had a house with a boudoir space, I would love it to look a little like this.....
A charming vanity and bench...the seat covered in a beautiful fabric never to be marked with toddlers' sticky prints (this is make believe, so toddlers' fingers would never dare be sticky).

For the vanity, a classic tray and all the tiny displays of beauty.

Image courtesy of chicthrows2

Add just the right table and lighting....

Image courtesy of Brittlebee

Image courtesy of anniewaites

Image courtesy of drawflowers

On the enchanting piece in pastel and a trio of dreamy photographs.

Images courtesy of alicebgardens

A space simply for relaxing ....and the occasional sulk.


  1. Such pretty things, I just love the vanity and the bench!

  2. thanks for posting my simple bird. you have a lovely blog!



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