Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, a home office, and Etsy

"la classe, original illustration" by baboucherouge

For my first attempt at our Etsy-only designed room, I'm taking on a teacher's home office. I love the illustration above, by baboucherouge, so I decided to use it as my color inspiration. And I was able to restrain myself from bombarding the room with red apples and chalkboards, but I couldn't resist completely.... I just included one thing (the very last item) that covers both (2 birds, 1 stone, right?).

The desk:

Thank goodness we didn't decide to put a price cap on the dream Etsy purchases for our Thursday rooms. If so, I could never include this great vintage desk via thevintagesupplyco.

And for the desk:

glass jars for pens and pencils via greatfindz

pencil sharpener via RedheadVintageII

pencil case by BirdWatching (teachers have a lot of pencil needs!)

vintage clock via elizabethwrenvintage

computer keyboard wrist rest (filled with flaxseed and lavender!) by HomeGrownPillows

vintage lamp (not the apple!) via ModishVintage

staplers (any color, please) via TopsyDesign

"sprouting potted plant" bookends by auroraleehales

The chair:

chair via jawaddel

pillow for chair by ModDiva

Wall art:

"bird sketches PRINT field guide tennessee" by dolangeiman

"French Alphabet Un Velo Print, bike, bicycle collage abc's" by barkdecor

"REDRUM two hand embroidered motifs in ornate frames" by HAREandDRUM
This room just needs one "ShaNickers Wall Decal/Sticker -Chalkies-Apples" by shanon1972


  1. Congratulation for your space and pictures included,i encourage you on the fotoblog

    Greetings from Italy


  2. I love your Etsy only selections! Great finds!

  3. Love everything- especially the bird sketches

  4. I love the globe pencil sharpener, I could use that in my classroom!

  5. What a wonderful selection of works from Etsy. We're honored to be included. Thanks so very much for the blog love.

    Dolan & Ali

  6. Thanks for including my print! Love this collection!!!

  7. You have a great eye! Amazing selections, and thank you so much for including my embroideries! Your blog feels very cozy; I'll be happy to follow it!

  8. Thank you all for your sweet comments! The room was fun to put together especially with all the beautiful and interesting things I was able to find. Isn't Etsy just grand?

  9. Thank you so much Vivi for sending me the link to your fabulous blog!! I feel honored to have been included!

    Off to read some more! :)



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