Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can I live here, please?

Forget about babies -- I want to live in this nursery! I saw this room first on mustard and sage and could not help going back to it to admire the "baby's first taxidermy" elements, the vintage yellow crib and cloud sheets, the birds!, all the beautiful shades of wood, and the room's gorgeous light (and cute light fixtures). Isn't this nursery such a design inspiration?

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  1. This room is beautiful...aah youth is wasted on the young! :)

  2. OH MY! that room is really just perfection. the yellow and gray is gorgeous against the white walls and dark accent woods.

  3. no you can't, because i'm moving in first. ;)

  4. Are they nuts with that crib??? Sure it;s cute, but so dangerous -- crib slats are supposed to be narrower than a soda can so that the baby can't get their head stuck. (Yeah, I see the bumpers but just wait till baby pulls themselves up.) NOT worth the risk.
    But the birds are very nice. :)



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