Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunny Days

I came across this opening of Sesame Street from the 1970's and I loved watching it- granted I don't really have Sesame memories until the early 80's, but this felt like the beginning I so fondly remember.

Stumbling across this video had me wondering about what would now be termed "vintage" clips of Sesame Street. Back in the day I was a Grover or Bert gal, but this Cookie Monster song was too classic to pass up.

My siblings and I were definitely outdoor kids, but we always huddled around the television for Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. Almost three decades later, a passion for Elmo gripping my household, I started watching Sesame Street again. Although I missed some of the quirks and charms of the show I grew up with, there were plenty of new things to find endearing-such as the two numbers below. I also noticed now and again they throw in vintage clips for good measure and those nostalgic parents.

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If you are ever in the mood to hunt down your own favorite Sesame clips to share with your kids or if you are looking to find their most beloved bit from the show , there is a video search on the show's website that is family friendly and full of then and now Muppet zaniness.

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