Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, an empty room, and Etsy

So we have decided that once a week one of us will take a space and "design" it using only items from Etsy- just some enthusiastic amateurs, and the site we love, taking on various projects. Every Thursday either a room in a home or a venue for a party/gathering will be tackled by one of us...and Etsy.
As you may have guessed, this is my Thursday. I am going to create a toddler boy's bedroom. The first order of business was deciding on a theme and I thought a forest inspired space would be fun and just different enough to be interesting.

The bedding: This quilt was just perfect- love the colors, the design , and it looks cozy.

The furniture: Furniture shopping can be a challenge , but some serious browsing leads to a handsome, child-sized rocking chair.....

Image courtesy of LappWoodworks via Etsy

Bed and chair will only be more welcoming thanks to this pair of owls -

Images courtesy of fongstudio via Etsy

and a gnome.

Image courtesy of Pixelknit via Etsy

The art: Some friendly woodland creatures (uniquely represented in bold digital art) for the walls.

Personalized art for the toddler starting to recognize his name. This seemed just right for the room.

A mobile looks good in so many spaces and this colorful pinwheel mobile with an earthy, "twiggy" pattern could hang just about anywhere in the room.

Image courtesy of mamax2 via Etsy

The accessories: Some grassy bookends, forest animal wooden toys, and stuffed squirrel and fox round out the look.

Image courtesy of pillowhappy via Etsy

Image courtesy of TheWoodGarden via Etsy

Images courtesy of sleepyking via Etsy

Just for fun, some gnomes and toadstools make any forest complete.

Image courtesy of CrunchyFamilyRising via Etsy

Image courtesy of WeeWoodNaturalToys vis Etsy

The storage: To keep everything in order, a toy box that is a piece of art.

Image courtesy of modmomfurniture via Etsy

There you have it- a toddler's woodland hideaway.


  1. loving those stuffed guys


  2. great, great finds! Oh, how I do love etsy.

  3. I absolutely adore that artwork and toy box!

  4. ok, what a fabulous idea! love the forest theme. so cute and what perfect finds. can't wait to see more...



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