Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smitten Kitchen

My friend, a bona fide foodie, directed me to the blog Smitten Kitchen. The photography of dish preparation is incredible, inspiring (even for this ten ingredients or less gal), and I was indeed smitten.
It seems as though this time of year brings out every person's inner foodie. There are so many fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs available- so many culinary possibilities.

From summer pea and roasted red pepper pasta

fresh pasta and basic tomato sauce

cantaloupe salsa

peach and creme fraiche pie

Whenever I am feeling less than enthusiastic about the notion of preparing dinner, I visit this site. The images of epicurean delight get me dreaming of what could be on my table if I could just get my act together!


  1. love smitten kitchen! but i always get sooo hungry when i look at it :)

  2. me too! I browse through Smitten Kitchen even when I'm not looking for anything to cook. It's such eye candy.



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