Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, a kitchen, and Etsy

It's my turn to contribute a post to our "Thursday with Etsy" series, and of course I'm a wee bit late, because I'm the frazzled one. My collection, it seems, is also a bit frazzled. I can't guarantee that all of my picks would work in the SAME kitchen, but I consider them all perfect additions to the same TYPE of kitchen.

First a tablecloth. My pick is this sweet vintage number from unclebunkstrunk:

Now some salt and pepper shakers for our table, more vintage goodness from fabulousmess:

Of course we'll need tea towels. These are original screenprinted designs from Etsy superstar

Here's an item I've been coveting for ages, a Doily Clock from andfurthermore:

For the windowsill, a succulent plant in a tidy little teapot, from monkeysalwayslook:

For the table, maybe some amazing crocheted flowers that will never die, handmade by suili:

For the counter, I really, really love this charmingly worn 40s cookie jar from ThePassingOfTime:

For the wall, a letterpress calendar from YeeHaw. I just can't resist it:

Also for the wall (maybe not NEXT TO the calendar), a lovely dandelion print by TwoPoodlePrints:And in your perfect kitchen, to keep your perfect housewife's wardrobe clean, you'll need a mid-century print half-apron; this one is from Flourisheshome:

Finally, my dream is to one day have a kitchen big enough to fit a little wooden kitchen for my children, where they can happily "make dinner" alongside their mother instead of arguing and whining and generally falling apart while I cook. This amazing wooden kitchen is from imaginethatwoodshop, my favorite woodworker on Etsy:

And if you have a play kitchen, you have to have an apron for your little chef. This adorable vintage-inspired child's apron from vidastyle makes my heart go pitter-pat:

I'm afraid my collection belies the problems I have with decorating my own home: I love disparate things, and I have no vision for entire rooms. I like to rummage, find, take home, hang up, and hope for the best. Hopefully you'll be inspired to something much more tasteful with what you find here!



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