Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When inanimate objects speak...

image by jeannie86

I love good sloppy hair. Not the kind of hair I have when I wake up with my bangs standing straight up (because I slept on my face) or when my head looks dented (because I went to bed with wet hair), but messy hair that looks like you don't give a damn and still looks great. This is, of course, something I cannot accomplish at all (though I am master of sloppy sloppy hair). You have to have a certain nonchalance, a certain, dare I say, style to look good without caring whether you actually look good.

And so that's why seeing the bobby pins appeals to me so much. Sometimes the prettiness is in how haphazardly they are shoved in to keep the hair out your eyes or to hold down a cowlick. You can argue that they are a bit too utilitarian, but that's the quality that appeals to me. Plain old bobby pins just seem to say: "Look at me. Yeah, I'm ugly, I'm plain. I know it. But I also don't care." That's what makes them the cool girl at school.
image by Meganzii

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  1. That is some truly enviable hair. I adore this post, and completely agree with you (re: nonchalant style).

    I think bobby pins rock!


  2. I wish I had the talent to actually do my own hair. I can barely get a ponytail to look chic, so this is certainly not my forte. But I'm loving these casual braids!

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  4. Bobby pins are great and so is messy hair :)



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