Sunday, July 5, 2009

Costume and Cucumbers

photograph by alice b. gardens

Not expecting much for the 5th of July, I headed over to the North Carolina State Flea Market in Raleigh. And despite the rain which caused many sellers to pack up early and the humidity (never mind the holiday hangover) that kept many buyers at bay - it was a great day. I picked up a lovely pair of earrings (costume, of course - flowers of blue "jewels," vintage screw on posts) and a bag of cucumbers from a sweet old man who had one blue eye and one brown. I was going to make a cucumber salad, but I ended up slicing most of them in half, sprinkling them with salt and enjoying them without anything else. That kind of Sunday was just what was needed and it cost me all of $6.00.

Alice B. Gardens, who not only took the gorgeous picture I included in this post and has a wonderful etsy shop, but her blog is the most effortlessly beautiful blog I've come across in some time. Each post on Alice's Garden is of one of her photographs followed by a link to listen to a song that she's paired with that image. So simple, so cool. And her taste in music is, of course, as divine as her talent. You will fall in love.


  1. looks like a great time- awesome finds!


  2. That blog is so beautiful

  3. very cool post. will check her site out. thanks for the tip.

  4. I adore that picture--there's something about vintage jewelry that's so much more colorful than contemporary pieces. & it sounds like a lovely day.

  5. I adore Flea Markets as well...get butterfly in my stomach on my drive there each time!...Glad you dropped by, so I can checked out your blog too-Thank you! Love the visual delightsss you posted!
    ~Fab week to you*



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