Friday, July 17, 2009

Thrift Home

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Yesterday I was listening to an episode of NPR's "The Story" (based in NC, but check out the podcasts - especially you, Mae!) titled "Spend Thrift" about Terri Thompson, a woman who convinced a home builder in Henderson, NC to let her decorate a model home entirely with secondhand and thrift finds. It was a huge hit, raised money for "Habitat for Humanity International," and introduced a ton of people to the joys of thrifting. The Frugal Design Showcase Home is not exactly my random style, but that's what's great about it. It looks like a regular nice home that's not full of retro finds or vintage knickknacks, but just a traditional home that's cozy and comfortable. It's not only a brilliant idea to warm up those cold new model homes, but also to show people who have never thought to go into a thrift store that they can find their tastes and styles there too in addition to, hello?, saving money. I also love those thrift stores that are designed to look like rooms in a home ("Vintage Revival" in Hillsborough, NC comes to mind) - I always end up wanting more than I would otherwise. I'm such a sucker for presentation...

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  1. That's such a great idea for an interior. I love introducing my design clients to the wonderful world of thrift. Some people are so hesitant to decorate their homes with thrifted pieces... but once they see how it is done, they get it. It's so much better to have well loved pieces than store bought generic ones. Thanks for sharing!



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