Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School days memories

The Christmas before my oldest son started kindergarten, my sister gave me this adorable keepsake book from Chronicle Books. Now son is in 2nd grade and the book is already stuffed full (maybe I need to be more choosy about our keepsakes).

School Days offers space to record facts about each of your child's school years--friends, favorite subjects, teachers--and 13 accordion pockets to fill with report cards, awards, drawings, and writing assignments (my favorite). The book's sweet retro illustrations are just decorative icing on the very useful cake.

My middle child starts kindergarten this year, and I ordered another copy because I love this book so. What's better, I ordered during Chronicle Books' annual Friends and Family sale, so it was 35% off and shipped for free--same deal for any in-stock Chronicle item until August 5.

Maybe I should have ordered several copies. I can't imagine that one copy is really going to hold 13 years worth of the stuff I have to save, unless my enthusiasm wanes a bit as the years go by. Maybe 9th grade writing isn't as charming as 1st grade writing. Here's hoping.

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  1. I saw that in the store a little while ago.. it's so cute! They should make an expansion pack. ;)



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