Thursday, July 2, 2009

Underwater Fairytales

This blog appears to have an obsession with fairytales. Okay, maybe it's just me with the obsession. I seem to be on one heck of a fairytale kick and I'm just hoping that my co-bloggers, Mae and Lorelei aren't about to give me the big heave-ho. But I can't help it. Hi, my name is Vivi and I'm apparently obsessed with photographic re-tellings of fairytales and children's stories (just see here and here). I couldn't really tell you why, but this theme makes for some pretty spectacular images. These, by Elena Kalis, are so dreamy and magical and other worldly. Also, because I'm a non-swimmer who is terrified of putting her head under water - I think the models in these photos are just the picture of bravery.

The first 3 images are part of the Underwater fairytale series.
The last 2 images are part of the Underwater series.


  1. I've seen these before and am so glad you posted on them. I LOVE them. They are so magical. could look at them all day. thanks for your visit to OSH!! come back soon...



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