Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 60th, Shelley!

Shelley Duvall, the classic awkward beauty, is 60 years old today. A real hero to the gawky too tall and too skinny high school girl, Shelley embraced her looks and even played the original bony and lanky girl, Olive Oyl, in Altman's "Popeye" (never mind her roles in Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, and those other Robert Altman movies). That movie is a classic (be damned all you hateful critics!) and she shines with her squeaky voice and giant shoes.

Just revisiting her singing "He Needs Me" makes me so happy (watch it here) and who doesn't smile when she sings "He's Large"?

image via Suicide Blonde

How cute is Ms. Duvall in crazy 70s brightness and praire-wear?

image via borisyeltsin

I think every actress in the 70s rocked the cute "ears poking out of my hair" look. (Further evidence here).

image via hot child in the city

Yes, that IS Bud Cort (of "Harold and Maude") in "Brewster McCloud."

image via One Ringo to Rule Them All

Yes, that IS Ringo Starr (today is his birthday too!).

image via rebecca was a recluse



  1. such cool photos!! I love her but I have to say I can't get the Shining out of my mind. that was one SCARY movie. she did a great job in it though. she was hillarious in that woodie allen movie. great post!! happy b-day shelley....
    (how do you know such a thing??)

  2. "The Shining" is hard to shake so I just avoided it, but she is SO good in it. Cleanse your mind of how terrifying it is by watching this(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmkVWuP_sO0)
    a recut version of the trailer - it makes it appear like a romantic comedy. Really clever.

    Oh, and I think I bookmarked that it was her birthday some where along the line. I just had to remember to post about the eyelashes!

  3. LOVE these iconic 70's images! And I feel like someone needs to bring back that onion haircut--you know, close to the head and then feathered out at the bottom? Mrs. Brady did it too--but it looks much better on Shelley!

  4. She was great in The Shining.. that movie still scares me. I love her lashes!...so great!

  5. Well said Vivi. I couldn't agree more (granted I've always had a thing for tall gracefully awkward beauties.) I haven't see Popeye in it's entirity in probably 20 years (really?) but I remember not being put off by her portrayal of Olive Oyl in the slightest. I was quite the staunch Popeye cartoon fan growing up and thought she fit the bill perfectly.

  6. Oh my gosh, what a great post. I loved her as Olive Oil. You are right... I think we do have the very same great taste, lol!

  7. I saw this recently and just smiled. She was so vulnerable and amazing in the Shining.



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