Thursday, July 23, 2009

kitten season

image via FFFFOUND!

My boyfriend and I found a kitten outside of his house a few days ago. It is either a stray or a throw away, but either way it is in tough shape - a few singed whiskers, a couple of cuts, a nicked ear, and very skinny. I would prefer to think that these are the marks of being a stray because I don't want to imagine anyone treating an animal so unkindly (even though I know people do). Though initially skittish, turns out that July (as we've named her) is incredibly sweet and affectionate. We've also had her checked out by a vet friend and she's doing okay, we just have to feed her little belly slowly and with lots of rich kitten food.

It also looks like we've found her a home (neither of us can keep her since we both already have felines). Two people have expressed interested in her and will be visiting her this week. Both are also library students (who don't know each other) and both made fun of the librarians + cats stereotype. Which is such a silly thing to apologize for when loving cats is such a wonderful thing (says this cat lady).

image via Books Rule

Anyway, it is kitten season and lots of cats (grown-up and little) are needing homes so if you've been thinking about it... now is the time (if you are in NC - "The Goathouse Refuge" is an amazing no-kill shelter run by a wonderful artist, Siglinda Scarpa). And please don't these sweet and adorable pictures sway you.... that is totally not my agenda. :)

image by Geninne's Art blog

image via FFFFOUND!

image via dainty doll

image via aL-baum


  1. we are not huge cat people, but these make me think other sweet.

  2. I am terribly allergic to cats but I still love them! these are the most adorable photos!!



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