Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday, a mudroom, and Etsy

Growing up I had a mudroom in my house and I thought they were a part of every home until I started really paying attention. Turns out it is a pretty unique space because new construction favors the foyer, but in my parents' antique colonial I always liked coming into the small entry room that they kept both welcoming and functional.
If I had my druthers I would make a mudroom look something like this-

A simple welcome- canvas floor mat at the door.

welcome floor mat courtesy of gildem

A bench with pillows, not so much for lounging, but as part of your guest's first impression of your home, it is more than just a spot for pulling off your boots.

sessio bench courtesy of ruppeldesign

For the windows, some dressing- nothing too fussy, just simple beauty.

custom stitched tree branch design curtain set courtesy of jessedirk

The only other furniture in this entry space....the all important storage and a display piece.

black storage cubbies courtesy of simplyuncluttered

s.a. sofa table 1 courtesy of MattDownerDesigns

On the wall- making the most of every inch- mirror, shelf, and coat rack.

mirror box courtesy of MattDownerDesigns

Graphic wall calendar (brings a new look each month) and a single amazing piece of photography rounds out the walls.

2010 Letterpress wall calendar courtesy of 1canoe2

Burning Heart courtesy of IchaPhotography

Finishing touches on the shelf and table......

set of two porcelain red/purple vases courtesy of NewMoonStudio

set of 5 Blue Birds courtesy of redhotpottery

poppy bowl in turquoise and red courtesy of clearmountaincraft

string of buttons, crassula variegated succulent plant courtesy of SucculentsGalore

A modern mudroom....more than just a place to rest your boots.

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