Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Can I bring the lovebirds, Mitch? They haven't harmed anyone."

This year's Halloween is a bit of a bust for me. I've been too distracted by work to come up with anything to wear. Last year I went as Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock's "The Birds" which was so much fun because all I had to do was wear a thrifted green wool suit and buy a couple of black birds on markdown at the local crafts store. I even got to work a pimple into a bird bite (of course one can't buy Hedren's movie star quality, but messy pulled back hair and black mascara likely to run? Check and check). Anyway, so here are some inspiring images of girl and/or swarm of birds for last year's look because I've got nothing but the tired grad. student look for this year...

The only Barbie I'd ever buy via Boing Boing

image via We Heart It

"Vanity Fair" picture of Jodie Foster (via Chaos Theory)

ceiling design by Geremia Designs (via apartment therapy)

photo by Alex Prager (via BOOOOOOOOM!)

"rage in eden" by ~fernando (via inspiring creativity)



  1. That is too funny... I was contemplating on being her for Halloween! We are going to a taxidermy show at the museum where they are going to play Psycho afterwards. :)

  2. You should do it! People really got a kick out of it and it's so easy. If you do - I hope you post a pix.

    And a taxidermy show? That sounds like the perfect thing to do on Halloween!

  3. I have such an odd fear of pigeons and geese, yikes.

  4. love that series of photos in Vanity Fair



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