Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, a manly closet, and Etsy

"A Closet Without Pretense" by dembree

My boyfriend is in the process of cleaning out his closet and so I dedicate this etsy-designed closet to him (now let's see if he picks up any of these lovely... urr... very manly finds!)

Of course, no wire hangers - just vintage, French, or wooden (something all men want, right?):

A Set of 6 French Laundry Labeled Hanger with Clips via theartistscloset

4 Wooden Hangers via ladiesandgentlemen

The gents love their shoes too and this handmade Maple Storage Bench, by AbleandBaker, is the perfect place to store 'em (the shoes, not the fellas):

Of course a vintage shoe valet filled with brushes and polish, via valnorthwoods, belongs in the distinguished man's closet as well:

No silly baskets or bins for a man's winter sweaters. Better to go the vintage suitcase route especially if you have ones as cool as this blue-green set via OleaVintage:

And hanging in the closet, what fella wouldn't love the clean smell wafting from this set of three Provence lavender-filled sachets by auntierumpos?:

And if there's room (or, miracle of miracles, it's a walk-in-closet!) - how about a display of vintage (and a few wearable!) hats? Men are so darling in hats - why is it that they don't seem to believe that?

Tweed Fedora via pupule

Mustang European Fedora Style Envelope Faux Fur Hat via 11karri

1970s Fedora plaid Hat via purevintageclothing
1960s Stingy Brim Fedora via FearlessVintage

And because men tend not to be super organized, I bet this uncut pattern of closet accessories from the 1970s (via GreatScott) would be a big help:

And for all those all those wonderful ties, this Galloping Deer Wooden Tie Rack via ButlerandMaid is a must:

And, finally, who wouldn't love this Horse Shoe Hanging Rack via WhiteWillowVintage? It would make hanging things up such a delight!

P.S. The bf took a look at my finds - apparently still too girly... I guess I still have some work to do on him!


  1. I thought all of your finds were very clever and NICE. so sorry your bf wasn't really interested. I was! however, I, too, am a girl.


  2. What a creative post. thanks for featuring my "French Laundry hangers".

  3. Thanks! I agree. Men need to start wearing hats! I love a man in a hat.

  4. Love this! Such a clever way to group and feature finds--and I was very inspired, too (I wonder if my husband will notice if I reorganizine his closet and add a row of fedoras?)

    Thank you for mentioning my sachets--I am extending a 10% discount to your readers at my shop who mention this post ;)

    Mary Ann

  5. I'm with Val....I thought your selections were very clever and manly in a brave-sort of man way! For that kind of guy that's willing to take some risks - either with a vintage fedora or killer shoe valet.

    Thanks for featuring my Horse Shoe Hanging Rack!

    Great post.



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