Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday, a girl's bedroom, and Etsy

This week's room (courtesy of amazing Etsy) is a girl's bedroom. I have a young teenager in mind, maybe thirteen or fourteen, not sixteen or one foot out the door, dying for a taste of freedom-teen. It was hard for me not to make this a room I would like to escape to now (as a 34-year-old) , but hopefully this could be some imagined girl's ideal space.

To start- the bed with a trio of pillows, a simple duvet, and a warm blanket.

Image courtesy of meringuedesigns

Image courtesy of Bunkies

Behind said bed- a white chandelier (of the wall art variety)- something a little glamorous

Image courtesy of Expressingyou

The furniture- a dresser with lamp and wall mirror (for the occasional and inevitable primping) and a desk with a chair...

Image courtesy of royaloakcottage

Dandelion Table Lamp courtesy of tansyandco

Image courtesy of uncommon

Image courtesy of poppycottage

Above the desk, a framed bulletin board (complete with pushpins)

Image courtesy of tara1234

Image courtesy of fabricfarrago

and, on the walls, a couple of posters (so much better than the Huey Lewis one my sister had up in our shared room)

Image courtesy of rollandtumblepress

along with a piece of art that she adores.

"Sitting Hummingbird" courtesy of ReneeFroerer

On the desk and dresser sits the things that make her happy.

Artist's Table top easel courtesy of KEMstudios

Artist's box courtesy of themercshop

Mr.Ruby Throated Hummingbird courtesy of tracyemueller

Small Peach Paper Bowl courtesy of upintheairsomewhere

Rosey Pink Swarovski Crystal disc cluster Headband courtesy of Myaprilsnow

Image courtesy of charms4you

When it all comes together- a room fit for a tween.


  1. Thanks for picking our "Headphones Print"......super cute room idea!

  2. so pretty. love all the art work.

  3. Great finds! Maybe one day I will finish my Etsy post...

  4. Oh, I just fell instantly in love with the Letterpress La Vie en Rose Poster! Le sigh!


  5. Love it! I wish I had that kind of taste back when I was a tween....

  6. What a perfect imaginary space---I love that it's soft, feminine and youthful, without being sticky sweet and girly!

    And as for the model's makeup in the image I posted today--I didn't even notice it but now that you've pointed it out I'm obsessed with getting the look! I think a nice sheer pink like benefit benetint would be key, on both cheeks and lips. Soft bone highlighter below the brows, a brown mascara, and a touch of clear gloss and you'd be good to go!

    model perfect skin would help too of course ;)

    Have a great weekend!



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