Monday, October 26, 2009

Cake Toppers

I was a "buttercream roses on the cake" bride- the blossoms were beautifully done in an ivory cluster on the top. I still love the look of my wedding cake when I see it in pictures, but after seeing some of these unique cake toppers I can see why people go for something different, something that is showier than buttercream and equally lovely.

Image courtesy of

After searching around a bit, I found that cake topper statements can be made at all sorts of events and I think I'll retire the roses for the next party and go for the snazzy version of loveliness. These baby shower and children's birthday cake decorations are examples of just some of the great stuff out there.

Image courtesy of

Pirate cupcake topper courtesy of CupcakeSocial via etsy

Celebration Candle Kid courtesy of thesmallobject via etsy

Image courtesy of mykobocek via etsy

Image courtesy of lollipopworkshop via etsy


  1. adorable!
    especially adore the wooden painted pieces...

  2. we just shot a wedding with bird toppers. it may be my all time fave.

  3. Those birdies are so cute! Maybe I could put them on an easter cake? :)



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