Saturday, June 13, 2009

summer of movies

image via patricia_poland

I love escaping into an air conditioned movie theatre in the middle of a summer day. Forget the beach, the sunshine - a cool and dark theatre and a blockbuster means summer to me. And it seems like this year there are going to be more than a fair share of releases that the film snob in me is looking forward to...

"(500) Days of Summer" with the lovely Zooey Deschanel looks incredibly cute. I want to go just for her fashion alone. But then the music (used and referenced) - the Smiths, Regina Spektor, Hall and Oats, Sid Vicious - just brings it home.

"Julie & Julia" has Meryl, Paris in the 1950s, Julia Child, Amy Adams, New York City scenes, falling down in the kitchen, writing and trying new things. I really don't think I'm expecting too much, but I am pretty giddy about this movie.

I have yet to see "Up!," but I've heard great things and am a sucker for grumpy old man stories. "Away We Go" has gotten some negative reviews, but I still think I might take a chance just for the cast alone. "Taking Woodstock" looks wonderful though and "The Time Traveler's Wife" looks a little too sentimental, but I really liked the book and one should always support films where the main character is a librarian.
It's going to be a grand summer for those of us who enjoy staying pasty and cool!

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  1. vivi! have you seen UP yet?? you absolutely have to. it might be the most beautiful story ever!

    and, thanks for liking my blabbering. i was starting to think that i was sounding like a crazy... ;)



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