Monday, June 22, 2009

Charming Walls

Celebrate by Cory Dantini

Great Jones Street by Fred Chao

Astroland by Danica Novgorodoff

Blondie by Bailey Saliwanchik

Sometimes it seems near impossible to find art for certain spaces and even more difficult than that, finding unique and affordable art. The folks at Charmingwall Inc. are addressing these problems and I say hooray.

What is even more incredible about this gallery/website is that starting in October 2009 they will introduce a sister space, Six by Six Gallery , that features all original works of art on 6" square canvases. If you are an artist interested in this venture they have a gallery submission package available, as for the rest of us- summer just started and already there is something to look forward to this fall....


  1. I love the hot air balloon... its so cute! Makes me want to go for a ride!

  2. Those are great, I love the buildings with the dark sky.



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