Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freemotion Art

End of the Pier, originally uploaded by gillian.bates.

As a sewist who still has to concentrate like gangbusters to keep my hems straight, this freemotion machine embroidery by Gillian Bates is astonishing.

I'm in love with these pieces--the medium, the colors, the subjects. There's something so nostalgic and true about them.

And some of them are for sale in Gillian Bates' Etsy shop.

If you are willing to settle for a print, there are also postcards:

Now it's just a matter of choosing.


  1. Those are pretty cool and so detailed... i can't even sew straight!

  2. amazzzing...luv the color combo as well!

  3. I love these too. I like the subject matter especially - nothing sticky sweet. Great discovery, Mae!

  4. My word! These are SEWN?!!! Awesome! How cute - the details are amazing!



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