Friday, June 5, 2009

Fake Plastic Trees

I started seeing it everywhere and at first I was skeptical, but eventually the concept of vinyl wall art really grew on me. As with any design element I find appealing, there are usually versions or executions I prefer more than others. In the world of vinyl art I really like the representation of natural elements (kind of ironic given we are talking plastic here) best.
The branches, the blossoms, the birds....they are just the coolest. They can bring drama or sweetness or a calming peace to a room- how many things can you say that about? Some day I'll be brave enough to try something like this in one of my rooms , but for now I'll just admire and covet from afar.

Image courtesy of LeenTheGraphicsQueen via Etsy

Image via

Image courtesy of TastySuite via Etsy

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  1. I totally adore this, especially the flock of birds... I was thinking of getting something like that for my new place!



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