Friday, June 26, 2009

Gearing up for "September..."

This is my favorite The Sartorialist shot ever. I love it on so many levels. Don't you?

God knows I am no fashion plate. When I was younger I might have worried about it and gotten anxious over it, but now I'm happy to wear what I know suits me, what I feel comfortable in, and what makes me feel like I look nice. And nice is all I need. This may sound like a cop out, but check out this quote from the most stylish blogger in the world, The Sartorialist:

"One of the tricky parts of shooting a fashion blog is the temptation to always be looking for fashion with a capital 'F.'
Although I do shoot that a lot, especially at the shows, when I am "on the street" I shoot with a slightly different eye.
When I am in a neighborhood I'm not looking for the "next big trend" or a ground-breaking style statement, but just reacting when I see a person and thinking to myself "he/she looks nice."

He goes on to say that "'Looking nice' is truly underrated" and that he notices those that reflect that quality even if it's: "Not groundbreaking, not earth shattering, but in its own way, a very glamorous way to live a simply nice life."

Of course, I still really want to see this movie even if it results in me hating every single "nice" thing I own...

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  1. vivi, thanks for the re-post! you both have a nice little thing going on here...and the title of your blog is so appropriate! following you is a must. xo

  2. oops...i meant the three of you have a nice little thing going on here! vivi, mae, and lorelei!

  3. love your blog! putting you on my daily reads!! excellent posts...

  4. You are both so kind. Thank you. We are new to blogging so its nice to know that we are keeping such great company!



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