Wednesday, April 20, 2011

baby's nook

image by Erin Williamson of Design Crisis via

I'm presently in the midst of doing all the boring but necessary shopping for baby Sweet Pea by picking out the safest of the practical things that consumer reports recommends like the car seat, stroller, and play yard. All this stuff is, of course, important, but I want to spend some time on the unimportant details of gearing up for Sweet Pea like decorating his world. 

And though I'd love to go all out in a baby nursery, the little fella will be sharing a bedroom with his parents for about a year or so until we move into another house. Nevertheless, although he will have more of a nook than a nursery - I'm looking forward to making that space his own. And the spaces that inspire me the most are the ones which not only look bright, airy and simple, but are ones which I would, as a grown up lady, want to live in too. For example, I'm still in love with the look of this baby room, but I'm also a fan of this nursery by Laura Naples of Orange Beautiful, this baby room belonging to Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo, and this one designed by Erin Williamson of Design Crisis. There is so much inspiration to take in - I just have to figure out where to start...

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  1. Vivi, what fun you will have preparing for your dear sweet pea! Best wishes!



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