Friday, April 1, 2011

Camden, ME

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There are so many great towns in New England. I have always considered myself fortunate to have grown up here for numerous reasons and one of them was the two weeks every summer we spent in Washington, Maine. It is a tiny town about 5 hours from Boston and my mother's family had a home there, so she and her siblings alternated weeks there in the summer months.

It was two weeks of swimming in the lake, flashlight tag, gin rummy games, and for one day....a trip to Camden. Most of the 14 days we vacationed there, we were homebodies- just enjoying being in the middle of nowhere, but when we went to Camden it was about walking around the town, window shopping, and eating out. My brothers and sister and I would get so excited for this single day trip and it never disappointed. The picturesque harbor town with its variety of shops, historic buildings, and natural beauty was, and is, the idyllic New England experience.

I have only been back once since my childhood and it was in autumn with my not yet husband, but even then I continued to be enchanted. Now I am waiting for my youngest to be just a bit older and we will make that 5 hour drive to spend few days in Camden again.

If you are considering a trip to Maine, I found the site and it has a list of all the events, from the Windjammer Festival to Christmas by the Sea, for 2011. It is well worth the visit...
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