Tuesday, April 19, 2011

umbrella installations

I have seen the above photo, from a street in Alicante, Spain, in a few places. It always causes me to stop, examine and appreciate it. There is something magical about it, even though I am aware it is multi-colored umbrellas strung across the street, it seems dream-like.

It turns out, there are quite a few art ventures using umbrellas that have popped up globally. Crookedbrains and environmentalgraffitti put together some umbrella art installation round- ups and I pulled some of the images for you to check out- whether indoors or outside, there is something cool and magical about all of them....


  1. These images are so beautiful. I think the tree with the gold umbrellas is my favorite. What perfect wedding inspiration for this Seattleite. . .

  2. i love umbrellas, there's something so intricate and old fashioned about them. the photos are lovely, makes me think i could do something with the two broken ones in my hallway...perhaps not : /

  3. Umbrellas are like a rainbow.
    When a person believes in their umbrella
    they seem to see through Sun,rain or storm
    the enchantment of the world that surrounds
    them. Thoughts seem to fly away as umbrellas, luckily up to the infinite skies.

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