Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Cranes

Paper cranes- I have always thought they were beautiful and intricate. I remember learning how to fold them in elementary school and I am in the process of teaching myself again.

I have been admiring how folks have incorporated the paper crane into their weddings. It is fantastic because they are not only visually interesting, but symbolic of love, honor, prosperity, and peace. Whether it be the cultural and symbolic significance or the style element that appeals to people, these pieces of paper art are a great addition to the event.

Strands of paper cranes can somehow be dramatic and bold or peaceful and delicate.

Hanging crane garland is not the only way to bring the birds to the wedding....and these are just a few ideas.

If you are interested in teaching yourself how to make a paper crane or just need to refresh your memory...instructables.com has a guide and pdf that will set you on your way!


  1. Those are beautiful! What a wonderful thing to make. I have a lot of leftover origami paper and maybe I can make a garland.

  2. perfect post. I love paper cranes too. I begged a woman in college to teach me how to make them and to this day I am so happy she did. I too need a refresher course in the subject. all of the phots are amazing and what clever ideas.



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