Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, Arrrgh, and Etsy

happy birthday matey blank card via happydaystudio

So I have an almost 4-year-old pondering what kind of birthday party he would like....there have been a few ideas batted around so far- robots, pirates, sea creatures. Last year it was construction trucks all the way- no waffling or doubt, but I can tell the decision will be tricky this time around.

Now if he does go in the pirate direction, then I already have the whole thing figured out! I love the illustration on these postcard invitations.

Do I admit I would have him wear something in keeping with the theme? (because I would)

I can't believe there is a pdf available that will ensure every guest gets a fantastic hat, eye patch, and....... parrot!

The decorations would be simple- flag garland and jolly roger balloons

For the party games- pin the patch on the pirate, a treasure chest pinata, and these snazzy crayons next to stacks of paper for drawing your dream ship or the ultimate treasure map.

Even the cupcakes would get into the spirit of things!

Finally, each party goer could depart with a goodie bag perfect for the party's end- complete with cookies, stickers, and a pin.
Badge Bag x10 Pirates via PaperFish

Hopefully the final decision will be made soon- for now I will keep my fingers crossed for the pirates to win out. Ahoy matey!


  1. everything's so cute specially the cookies.

  2. Wow! Now I want to throw a pirate party!!! For Myself!!!! :D

  3. what a great party this would be! thank you so much for including our Ships Ahoy tee!!

  4. f only I were a almost-4-year-old boy..... I'd love to join this party! Thanks for including our pirate hats. Love the Ships Ahoy Tee! O, if only I were 4 year old...

  5. That's so adorable! I hope he chooses pirate!

  6. HEY! IM USING ALL CAPS CAUSE THATS HOW MUCH I LIKE YA'LLS BLOG! you are my first blog link. I dont really know what that means . . . hopefully that means I'll hear from you often or at least be reminded to check in on you. Just in case I'm writing this address down. rock on moms



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