Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, a library, and Etsy

If I had the good fortune to have a whole room in my house dedicated to something totally frivolous, but also totally awesome, I would make it into a library for my kids. A space separate from their bedrooms or play space where we could go to read and do, this really is kind of a dorky dream, but still I love the idea- for this Thursday and Etsy entry - a children's library.

The concept of a whole wall of shelves for storing and organizing books makes me giddy..... I may even have to employ the dewey decimal system!

I like a table and chairs for the workspace, just like in a real library with plenty of room to spread out and perfect lighting.

For something a little more comfortable- a couple of beanbags and a cool, cozy chair.

On the walls - cheerful, useful, and colorful.....

Some decorative touches....

Large- Moon and Stars Paper Chandelier/Mobile courtesy of kismetsunday

The space will also have all the supplies they could need....

Let's Play Fabric Covered Journal courtesy of rabbitandtheduck

Finally, just because it makes me smile every time I look at often do you see a funny clock? This is one great library....


  1. Hi!!! I love yor post :D Thanks for including me.
    A lot of hugs from Chile!

  2. How would it be to have your own library right in your house? Maybe someday.

  3. Cute post : ) Thanks for featuring my journals!

  4. I never thought of this and wow what a great idea!! You should be a decorator....are you?! what a fabulous idea and I love how you would fill it. I am too tired to check out your resources but can't wait to do so later. Love that poster about the best day ever!!!

  5. I'm not a decorator (thanks though!) , just a dreamer :)



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