Sunday, May 23, 2010

old is new

I know Mae has
posted about her love of vintage baby clothes before and I completely agree with her. They are so beautifully detailed and the craftsmanship is incredible- like pieces of delicate fabric art.
After looking through the selections at Baby Hank Vintage on Etsy, I started thinking about how even though I could not buy the pieces for my now gargantuan (and stain prone) toddlers, I would love to get a couple and use them as art for the nursery. That way the sweet little strawberry dress I noticed could brighten my day for a bit longer than the couple of months it would have fit my daughter.
It seems the right selection could work in other rooms as well-

There is a great step-by-step guide on that explains how his art- vintage baby clothes and accessories displayed in shadowboxes- came about and even where he found the beautiful clothing.
I also like the idea of displaying your own children's once worn tiny treasures mentioned on A framed baby shirt, or the cap and booties your little one wore home from the hospital, is a simple, beautiful piece of nostalgia and art all in one....

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  1. that one in the pink red room is really cool! great post. I've thought of doing this but just never followed it through. There are so many beautiful vintage baby dresses out there that should be seen!!



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