Saturday, May 8, 2010

M is for...

Love to all the moms out there this weekend especially to the ones I love most - my own as well as my fellow bloggers, Lorelei and Mae! In honor of your day - here's a little round-up of some beautiful mom-centric illustrations just for you...

By the way, love the shades of red and oranges and yellows in these (especially when cooled with touches of blue or brown):

via judibird (animal mothers count too!)

In terms of the next 3, I've got to point out how surprising similar these seemingly very different images are in color (green and a red maroon), composition, and just general sweetness:

And here's a really beautiful poem by Hope Anita Smith from her really beautiful collection, "Mother Poems," that will make you want to call your mother today:

Q and A

I never thought to ask my mother
what I was like when I was a baby.
Did I laugh a lot?
Was I fussy?
Did I have a favorite toy?
What was my first word?
When did I roll over? Crawl? Walk?
Did I ever like carrots?
Mothers give us our stories,
at least the beginning.
My mother left before she got a chance to
give me mine,
and I forgot to ask.
God should have made me smarter.
I am remembering less and less about my mother
and wanting to know more and more about me.

{poem found here}


  1. Oh I love all of these prints! You always find such visual treasures. I love each one for very different reasons.

  2. OOh My goodness how sweet and wonderful are these illustrations and the Mother's Day wish!! This is beautiful. I love the first illustration. It reminds me of Mother's day when I was a kid. Great post. Happy Mother's day to you.

  3. Sniff. Thanks, Viv! I'll be back to posting soon, grades due noon on Tuesday!

  4. what a beautiful loving mother's day post! :)



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