Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, hummingbirds, and Etsy

Hummingbirds....I love them. I am not saying I have curio cabinets filled with crystal figurines of the little fellas, but I am a big fan. There is just something cheerful and amazing about them. For this Thursday and Etsy entry I decided to see what was out there- just in case I ever do start a collection.
I found that I could find my feathered friend in various mediums, all so pretty or cool or both, from wood carving to modern sculpture.

I love these pieces of jewelry that feature the hummingbird as well.....delicate and beautiful.

And some ways to keep them around the house that would always ensure a smile.

For the little ones....

Finally, if you ever want to see a real hummingbird, the ultimate Etsy find.....the Hummingbird Hat.
If you don't believe this hat works- just take a peek-
Now that is pretty cheerful!

1 comment:

  1. Those place cards are to die for. And the hummingbird hat is awesome!



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